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Smartphones dependence is a major variable separating different categories of computer game headsets. Some fun, functional VR units will be purchased for below €50, but need outside hardware for process and audio. Other units value a lot of, but square measure utterly — or principally — self-contained.

The team at SpecOut compiled a list of the most effective VR units on the market. Although some entries have the secondary ability to produce increased reality, they are all capable of manufacturing full VR, which is a additional immersive expertise. All headsets listed are obtainable to the public, at least for preorder, with a known retail worth.

Field of view was additionally a issue in our analysis. Human beings have a near-180-degree field of view, so the nearer a VR set involves that breadth, the more realistic the user expertise. Every unit on this list has a field of read of a minimum of sixty degrees. The headsets are in order from oldest to most up-to-date unharness.

Horus Lite VR

The Horus Lite VR has a 96-degree field of view, which is four p.c narrower than the average telephone receiver in its category. Although it needs external headphones, it is smartphone compatible and features optics correction.

Google Cardboard

Cheaper than the average smartphone-dependent set, Google Cardboard is a simple, fun entry point into the world of VR. The DIY kit can be place along in minutes.

AntVR Kit

To run programs and games, this headset should be synched with each a smartphone and a pc or game console. It has a below-average horizontal resolution, but it is compatible with glasses, and features each head and position following.

Carl Zeiss VR One

Pricier than the average VR set, the Carl Zeiss VR One uses a smartphone as a processing supply. With a field of view of a hundred degrees, it does not provide position trailing.

Leap Motion VR

With a 135-degree field of view, the user will relish a way a lot of immersive expertise than the trade average of a hundred degrees. Connectivity choices embody USB three.0 and HDMI, and the unit is leap-motion controller compatible.

Homido VR

Slightly more costly than the common set, the Homido VR has a 100-degree field of view. It requires a smartphone for process, and is compatible with both iOS and humanoid.

Freefly VR

The Freefly has a better-than-average field of view of a hundred and twenty degrees. Slightly more costly than the common set, it does not need the user to supply external headphones.

I AM Cardboard XG VR

With both virtual-reality and augmented-reality capabilities, this headset prices slightly a lot of than the trade average. It relies on a smartphone to operate and is Bluetooth compatible.

Razer OSVR

More costly than the common VR receiver, the Razer OSVR requires a game console, computer and smartphone. It has a 100-degree field of view and offers a refresh rate of sixty cycle per second — that ar each average for its category.

Evomade Viewbox

Although the Viewbox is cheap, its 90-degree field of view comes up ten % short of the trade average. External headphones are needed, and the set works with smartphones with 4.5- to 6-inch screens.

Pinc VR

With a 100-degree field of vision, the Pinc VR features pincher gesture management and a plastic body. It requires either AN humanoid or iOS smartphone to run games and programs.

Samsung Gear VR (2015)

Although its 96-degree field of read is slightly below average, the Gear VR works well with all major Samsung phones. The headset is snug, but it will let some lightweight bleed through.

Omimo Uranus One

Compared to headsets that don’t require a smartphone to operate, the Omimo Uranus One has a wide, 124-degree field of vision. It comes with a built-in process supply, which means that it doesn’t need an outdoor system to operate.

Nuvika VR Headset

With a lower-than-average 96-degree field of view, this headset will turn out each virtual-reality and augmented-reality experiences. It requires each a smartphone and external headphones to operate.


This headset, which needs a smartphone, is among the least expensive on the market. It has a field of view of a hundred degrees, and features optics correction and 3 degrees of freedom movement following.

Sensofinity VR

With a better-than-average field of view of a hundred degrees, this headset is low-cost for its category. The sturdy body is created of froth, leather and plastic.

Durovis Dive 5

Cheaper than the average headset that needs a smartphone, the Durovis Dive 5 comes up ten % short of the trade average with a 90-degree field of read.

Compatible with both iOS and humanoid, it works with a maximum phone screen size of 5 inches.

VRKiX VR 3D Glasses

Although this set is low-cost for its category, its field of view is restricted to merely eighty five degrees, which is fifteen % narrower than the average. It requires external headphones and options proprietary controller compatibility.


Although it is dearer than the common receiver in its category, this unit has a limited field of read of ninety degrees. It features show alphanumeric display display technology and a 38mm lens size.

Ling VR

The Ling VR weighs just zero.7 pounds, but is restricted by a comparatively slim 90-degree field of read. It features optics correction and 3 degrees of freedom movement following.

Oculus Rift

Although it is dear for a receiver that doesn’t need a smartphone, this unit has a wide 110-degree field of view and a quick refresh rate of ninety cycle per second. It comes with built-in 3D audio.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive has a built-in process supply, which means that it doesn’t have to be compelled to be connected to an outdoor pc to operate. It features full 1080p resolution and OLED show technology.